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Help! My bag is a mess!

You couldn't live without your doctor's bag. But somehow, in the blink of an eye, they turn into an endless pit and we can’t find anything. Are you tired of finding your stethoscope tangled up with everything else?
 Does your not-so-tidy bag stress you out? 
 We’re here to help!

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No. More. Chaos.

Say goodbye to lost items in your bag. Our Zipper Pouch ensures that your essential items are always within easy reach. This is the ultimate game-changer for maintaining an organized bag. Safely and cleanly store your doppler, blood pressure monitor, and stethoscope. Be prepared to act swiftly and professionally when the moment calls for it.

Keep your bag organized and your mind at peace.

Time to get creative...

Pick your favorite prints and colors to design your own Zipper Pouch. The result? A one-of-a-kind Zipper Pouch that will make you smile every time you look at it.

Design step by step

Follow the steps to design a personal Zipper Pouch right away.
1. Go to the Zipper Pouch Tool
2. Choose between 40 different types of leather and prints for your Zipper Pouch.
3. Pick your favorite color for the zipper and the hardware. 4. Select Zipper Pouch XL or the regular Zipper Pouch.
5. Add to cart and wait for your Zipper Pouch(es) to arrive.


In need of inspiration?

Here's some inspiration to kick start your inspiritation for your own Zipper Pouch design!

Sand Snake & Sand Vintage

Cognac Snake & Cognac Vintage

Blush Vintage & Sand Snake

Zipper Pouch vs. Zipper Pouch XL

Differences between the Zipper Pouch Regular and Zipper Pouch XL

Zipper Pouch vs. Zipper Pouch XL


The Zipper Pouches also perfectly hold your make-up, (phone) chargers, jewelry, earphones, pencils, toothbrush and more. A must-have for midwives, a win for everyone!

“Lovely materials and beautiful colors! I'm in love.I ordered 2 zipper pouches. 1 regular for my doptone and 1 XL for my stethoscope and blood pressure meter. Even with 2 blood pressure cuffs it fits perfectly.”



What are the differences between the Zipper Pouch and the Zipper Pouch XL?

Custom Zipper Pouch
 Dimensions in centimeters are 17 x 7 x 15 (h).
The zipper pouch fits your doppler or blood pressure monitor.

Custom Zipper Pouch XL
Dimensions in centimeters are 24 x 8 x 12 (h). The Zipper Pouch XL fits your stethoscope. Apart from medical tools, Zipper Pouches also perfectly hold your make-up, (phone) chargers, jewelry, earphones, pencils, toothbrush… You name it!

What is the lead time for a Zipper Pouch only?

The lead time for a custom Zipper Pouch is 2 weeks.

What is the lead time for a VanVeer bag with a Zipper Pouch?

Our lead time for a custom-made VanVeer is 8/9 weeks. We know that this can seem to be a little bit ‘long’ compared to the online ‘order today, receive tomorrow’ shopping nowadays. But please keep in mind we don’t run stock and that each VanVeer is handmade, uniquely for you. Good things take time, people!

For whom is a VanVeer bag and/or Zipper Pouch made?

Whether you’re a doctor, midwife, teacher, lawyer, or business boss… ⁠A VanVeer is made for everyone looking for a sustainable, timeless and elegant piece of art. Made by us, designed by YOU.

Where is my bag and/or Zipper Pouch made?

Each VanVeer item is handmade in our own studio in the South of Spain. Our team consists of truly talented women from La Herradura and its surroundings with no prior skills in leathercraft. By providing training and jobs with fair wages, we can offer them this new skill to develop.