The VanVeer Story

W ith famous Dutch shoemaker Van Dalen as my grandfather, I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. For as long as I remember I’ve been in love with arts and craftsmanship. I am proud to have built a socially conscious business that centers around beauty, empowerment, and authenticity. And it doesn’t stop here. Growth and creation are never-ending and in life, we’re meant to keep on learning.

I studied at the Academy of Art & Design in Arnhem and worked at the Boijmans Museum and the Centre of Arts in Rotterdam. It was in 2009, during one of the courses I took, that I was introduced to crafting the iconic Gladstone doctor bag. Back then this model was only available in classic brown, so I gave it my twist and created one in my favorite colors. My neighbor - a female doctor - fell in love when she saw my creation and asked me to create one for her. Not long after I entered the world of midwives because of my pregnancy, and, together with my daughter, my niche was also born.

In 2014 I moved to Spain with my husband and 8 month old daughter. Since then my studio - and family - has expanded quite a bit. In the summer of 2018, I opened the first VanVeer shop in La Herradura, followed by a second studio a year later to cover the growing demand for the custom doctor bag. In 2021 I decided to go big and let go of both smaller locations, to open the VanVeer HQ. With help of my amazing team, we are crafting doctor bags non-stop!

"I believe that people who care should be cared for. Put in higher regard and celebrated."

Woman are to be seen as for who they are - Fully. That includes their femininity, their personality, and the illuminating gift they bring to this world. All these aspects are put together, carried in, and displayed by a VanVeer.

I am also here to serve and give back. My team exists of truly talented women from La Herradura and its surroundings with no prior skills in leather craft. By providing training and jobs with honest wages, I can offer them this new skill to develop. This is not something I consciously aimed for, but the importance of this unfolding is getting more clear to me every day.

It’s my pleasure and honor to learn in this lifetime. Every day is an opportunity to grow. Whether it’s about running a business, leading a team, taking care of my children, or being confronted by my own needs. All the books I read, courses I take, and podcasts I listen to, are all about finding new ways to grow, expand, and being a positive force in this world.

Thank you for being part of my journey, it is because of you I get to carry out my mission by doing what I love best. If we’re not connected yet, let’s make sure we are on Instagram or Facebook. And if you're in the neighbourhood, drop by in our HQ or have a coffee in our new café Coche Coche!