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VanVeer Care & Repair service

Don't Say Goodbye to Your Favorite Bag

Care & Repair with Us!

Your VanVeer bag is more than just an accessory - it's a trusted companion that goes with you everywhere. But over time, even the most well-loved bags can experience wear and tear.
If you're faced with a broken strap, a busted lock, or any other kind of damage, don't say goodbye to your favorite bag just yet.
Our Care & Repair service is here to help you bring your VanVeer bag back to life, so you can continue to enjoy it for years to come.

Two-Year Warranty

Is your VanVeer bag less than two years old? If so, it may be covered under our warranty. 
If your bag shows a defect within that time period and the defect is related to the production of the bag, repairs are free of charge.
Please click the button below to fill out the Repair Form and we will be in touch shortly.


Care & Repair at Home

Most repairs can easily be done at home. Re-mounting the screws. Mounting a new lock can be done by you or your local cobbler. Video's and Care&Repair Shop to care for your bag at home. 


Why Revive your VanVeer?

It's Sustainable
Add multiple links in Instagram instead of just one.
Allow your clients to connect with you with one click.
Best quality
Capture leads and grow your business with them.


How It Works


Step one

Is your bag still under the two year warranty or not? If so click here to fill in the Repair Form. If not, go to the next step!


Step two

Home Care&Repair or in our workshop?

Select the Care+Repair Package you need. Not sure wich one to choose or you need additional repairs. Contact us at the button below.


Step three

Wait for the confirmation email with shipping instructions. Please make sure you sign up for marketing emails to get these emails.


Step four

Upgrade your VanVeer game and order additional accessories with a special discount. We ship them together with your bag. 

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Care&Repair Packages

Care + Repair Light
$96 € 89
  • Free giftcode sale 50%
  • Full box 8 counts with 8 color auto
  • Free gift wrapping
  • Freeship from all
  • Exchange within 24 hours
  • Refunds if errors are caused by manufacturer
Care + Repair P
$192 € 139
  • Everything in Care Package
  • Full box 164 counts with 16 color 
  • Free gift wrapping
  • Freeship from all
  • Refunds if errors are caused by manufacturer
  • Free gift wrapping
Care + Repair Premium
$192 € 349
  • Everything in Care Package
  • Full box 164 counts with 16 color 
  • Free gift wrapping
  • Freeship from all
  • Refunds if errors are caused by manufacturer
  • Free gift wrapping

Care & Repair FAQs

What's the minimum order for group order discounts?

A minimum of 3 custom doctor's bags must be ordered to qualify for the group order discount.

What discounts are available for group orders?

Discounts for group orders may vary depending on the number of custom bags in your order. To get specific details on the exclusive discounts available for your group order and to start the process, simply click the button on this page.

Can each bag in a group order be customized individually?

Yes, every bag ordered in a group order can be fully customized by its owner, ensuring that each doctor's bag meets their unique preferences and needs.

How do I start a group order?

To get in touch with us for a group order, simply click the "Contact Us Now" button on this page and fill out the provided form. We'll get back to you within 24 hours via email.

Can I place a group order with friends or with people I don't know?

No, we only offer group order discounts for teams or practices. The intention is to provide a more convenient and affordable solution for professional groups, such as general practitioners or midwifery practices, to order customized doctor's bags together.

What is the lead time for a VanVeer bag?

Custom-made VanVeers take 8/9 weeks. While longer than typical online shopping, remember each VanVeer is handmade just for you. Quality takes time, people!

Where is my bag made?

Each VanVeer is made in our own studio in the South of Spain. Our team consists of truly talented people from La Herradura and its surroundings with no prior skills in leathercraft. By providing training and jobs with fair wages, we can offer them this new skill to develop.

Mounting the lock

It's not just about looking good while achiving your goals. Doing good along the way is what we stand for. With every purchase 3% of the total revenue is donated to Anum School in Pakistan through our One Bag One Child Program.

Curious about our program? Learn more here 

Mounting Chigaco Screws

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