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Organization Equals Self-Care

Imagine, no more frazzled nerves while digging around in your bag. How wonderful would it feel to find everything with ease? The VanVeer Zipper Pouches are a real game changer to have (and keep) your bag organized.

With a Zipper Pouch, you’ll always have immediate access to your most essential items. Store your doppler, blood monitor pressure, and stethoscope safe and clean. Act adequately and professionally when you have to. Organize your bag and clear your mind.

We believe being organized is a form of self-care.

Design your Own.

Pick your favorite prints and colors to design your own Zipper Pouch.
The result? A one-of-a-kind Zipper Pouch that will make you smile every time you look at it.
Follow the steps to design a personal Zipper Pouch right away!
1. Go to our free Zipper Pouch Tool
2. Choose between 40 different types of leather and prints for the body and the base of your Zipper Pouch. 

3. Pick your favorite color for the zipper and the hardware.
4. Select whether you opt for the XL or the regular Zipper Pouch. 
5. Add to cart and wait for your Zipper Pouch(es) to arrive.


Zipper Pouch vs. Zipper Pouch XL

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Our Zipper Pouches are loved by Many of  You:

I want it all!

“Lovely materials and beautiful colors! I'm in love. I ordered 2 Zipper Pouches. 1 regular for my doppler and 1 XL for my stethoscope and blood pressure meter. Even with 2 blood pressure cuffs, it fits perfectly.” – Tara


“Beautifully finished and completely to my taste. I will definitely order my new midwife doctor’s bag here!” – Jay-Jay Smit


“Extremely beautiful Zipper Pouch of great quality. The colors (taupe and cognac vintage) are gorgeous. Highly recommended.” – Felicia