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💛 Giving Back Together 💛

At VanVeer, we care deeply about positively impacting the world and showing our support for those who need it most. Making VanVeer a force for good is one of our central values for the brand from the start.  That's why we're thrilled to announce the 

 ⭐️ 'Care About Care Raffe'⭐️ 

 in honor of the Day of the Midwife on May 5th and World Family Doctor Day on May 19th.  
Let's join forces to make a positive impact and show that we care about people who care. 💛

⭐️ Care about people who care ⭐️ Buy your raffle tickets now! ⭐️

Buy your ticket now!

‘Care About Care’ Raffle Ticket
‘Care About Care’ Raffle Ticket

‘Care About Care’ Raffle Ticket

Price €5,00

We care about people who care. Buy your ticket here to participate in the ‘Care About Care’ Raffle. You can win some top prizes while supporting a good cause. The ultimate WIN-WIN, if you ask us!  

You can win: 
🔸 a Dream doctor's bag worth €220,- 🤩 
🔸 2 x Zipper Pouch XL worth €54,-
🔸 3 x e-gift card worth €25,- 
And what’s better than winning your Dream bag?! 
Winning it while supporting a good cause! Every single ticket sold will go towards supporting Because We Carry 💖 a fantastic charity that provides support to moms on the run.

Limited only
6 days, 24:00:00

⭐️ Win Top Prizes! ⭐️

⭐️ Dream Bag ⭐️

Our top prize: a Dream Bag worth €220. The cutest VanVeer handbag out there, 100% customized by you!

⭐️ Zipper Pouch XL ⭐️

Win a Zipper Pouch XL worth €54: keep your bag organized and keep it all safe, this one is not just for medical tools!

⭐️ VanVeer Gift Card ⭐️

Win one of the three E-Gift Cards worth €25 each. The best way to go shopping your favorite VanVeer items right?

"You can purchase tickets for the raffle from May 5th to May 19th, and the winners will be announced on May 19th, World Family Doctor Day"?


Why Because we Carry?

Every single raffle ticket sold will go directly towards Because We Carry. The NGO provides aid and support to pregnant women and young mothers with small children, mainly on Lesbos. At VanVeer we feel personally deeply connected to their charity, giving help from the heart.

Every mother wants the best for her child, and when you're a refugee, this doesn't change. In a foreign land, with too little of everything, being a mother is truly challenging. With decisive charity, and their motto ´not just talking, but doing´, Because We Carry gives a lot of practical help because children simply need a stroller, clothes, diapers, and food. Apart from these essentials, they aim to bring a smile, respect, and some hope in the difficult circumstances under which people on the run have to live.

Because We Carry offers support, strength and sisterhood, for those who need it the most. At VanVeer, we see it as our social responsibility to use our platform for a positive contribution and donate 100% of the proceeds from our annual raffle to this worthy cause.