Women’s business weekender travel bag (and to avoid these 3 common mistakes)

A women’s business weekender travel bag, what can go wrong!? It all starts with that one moment when you're about to go on a (short) business trip and you have no idea which bag to bring with you. A regular handbag is too small and that bulky rolling suitcase takes up way too much room... Sigh. Besides, you’d like to take something that suits you as a self-confident professional. Sounds familiar? This could (or should!) be different.

Women’s business weekender travel bag: The best version of yourself

A nice bag on a business trip is not primarily important for how you look, but for how it makes you feel. How? Radiant and the best version of yourself of course! We'd like to save you from these three common mistakes when it comes to a travel bag with a professional touch:

Common mistake 1: You always want to bring. Everything. Along.

Whether you're a doctor, lawyer, teacher or business babe and you're leaving home for the night to attend a conference, a business travel bag is also for women, first and foremost comfortable and functional. Do you like to have your laptop close at hand? Or do you want to bring a pair of heels for the evening? Avoid the pitfall of lugging around extra plastic or linen bags.

For a short trip, you don't *really* need to bring all your belongings. But make sure you have enough room in your bag for all your essentials like a laptop, charger, a zipper pouch for toiletries and clean clothes. You’re going to want to opt for a roomy weekender bag so you won’t have to edit down your packing list too much.

Click here and check out our Office Bag, just an example of an ideal business weekender travel bag.

Common mistake 2: Do yourself a favor: Don't settle for less

The right business overnight travel bag is not only functional but also gives your self-confidence a boost! This may sound superficial, but this effect is scientifically proven and is also called enclothed cognition.

Do you still think 'never mind, I'll manage' and have you secretly been walking around for years with a (back)bag that is just not it? Do yourself a huge favor and invest once in a multifunctional and irresistible bag that lasts for the rest of your career. With our Office Bag, you have a laptop, office and weekend bag in one. Dress for success! Trust us, you're worth it.

Common mistake 3: Professional bag = boring? We don't think so!

The time that a professional bag automatically equals classic, neutral and boring belongs to the past (hooray!). Even with your business closet you can distinguish yourself and show who you are - just when you practice your profession.  

Our bags are living proof that you can complete your professional wardrobe in your own style. You design your perfect weekend bag yourself! Choose from various leathers and prints, personalize the compartments, and have your initials engraved. It's all possible. You are unique and the world shall know!

The perfect professional travel bag for women

We hope you avoid the above pitfalls. For a bag that really suits you, a VanVeer is the right choice. Start today and compose the business travel bag of your dreams in the 3D-tool.

Click here and design the business weekender travel bag with the (free) 3D-tool.

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