How to design a killer personalized leather doctor’s bag

A personalized leather doctor’s bag is a dream for many. At this point in your life, you rather prefer collecting quality items. No more impulse buying for you. Been there, done that! Also, or especially, when it comes to a doctor’s bag.

With the dream bag pictured in your head, you might start the search enthusiastically. You soon find out that the offer is no issue, there is plenty of choice! Only, it’s such a shame that your essentials just don’t fit in that beauty. And the oh-so practical bag with compartments is very handy but elegant? Meh. As the quest continues without any result, you start to doubt yourself… Am I asking too much?

Well no! Whether it is a small or large handbag, laptop bag, office bag or a medical bag. Your dream doctor’s bag does exist! Because you design it all yourself. Designed by you, made by us.

A personalized leather doctor’s bag: Design your own

Personalize your leather doctor’s bag. You are unique and the world needs your uniqueness! With your self-designed bag, you express your own style and personality. A one-of-a-kind bag that only suits you. At VanVeer we want to inspire you to be 100% yourself, inside and out. A VanVeer bag is an ode to you being you!  

Design your dream doctor’s bag with the 3D-tool

Start to design the doctor’s bag of your dreams today! We have developed a very nice (free!) tool for this: the 3D-tool.

VanVeer doctor bags are available in different models, from a mini handbag (Dream) to a big weekend bag (Office Bag). After you have chosen your perfect size, you can start working on the design.

Let the fun begin… You can choose from more than 40 (!) different types of leather and prints for every single part of your bag. Pick a Hazel Distressed base, add details in Brown Leopard and a hinge in Red. Let your imagination fly!

But there’s more. You also get to choose the color of the inside and the different compartments. Go for a laptop compartment, side pockets and maybe a personalized monogram with your name on it. Oh my, dreams do come true!

Click here and design your dream bag with the (free) 3D-tool.

Please note that the 3D-tool is a simulation. This means that the colors and structures never correspond fully to reality. Take a look at our Instagram to see our bags 'in real life'.

Handmade in Spain

Once you've designed the most beautiful doctor’s bag that is 100% you, we take over. Your bag will be handmade by a women's team in our studio in southern Spain. We have trained almost all women ourselves, giving them not only a job but also a new skill.

In our studio, we only work with high-quality leather from Europe. Good to know is that our bags on average consist of 40% leftover leather. To extend the lifespan, we offer a complete care & repair service. A VanVeer bag is a timeless item that will last for years. Buy less, choose better. Right?

How I order my custom-made leather doctor’s bag in 3 steps

  1. Design

After you have chosen the model for your future bag, you can get started with the 3D-tool! Mix and match until your dream bag appears. With the 3D-tool you design the look of the bag and the lining. Later, you can add the different compartments.

For the Dream and Mini the 3D-tool is not available and we recommend using the 3D-tool from another bag model to simulate the colors. After that just simply select the colors and voila! You can choose between the same colors and types of leather.

  1. Choose

Help, I can't decide! The struggle is real. Are you unable to make a choice or are you hesitating about a color combo? Click here to see a list of bags we made to get inspired. It is also possible to book a Personal Design Session with Vera herself, VanVeer owner and designer, in which she will show different color combinations and give personal advice.

  1. Order

Order the bag directly via the 3D-tool. Once ordered, we ask for your patience. Because the bag is custom-made especially for you, it can take up to 6 weeks before a bag is delivered. Good things take time!

Design your custom-made leather doctor’s bag today

The leather doctor’s bag of your dreams does exist! Don't wait any longer and design it today with the 3D-tool on our website.

Click here and design the bag of your dreams with the (free) 3D tool.

We put our heart and soul into crafting custom-made customizing doctor bags! Do you have a question? Please feel free to contact us.

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