Make giving feel good

No Waste Gift Boxes

The perfect sustainable gift.

A Conscious Gift

Let’s make conscious giving easier for you. 
A No Waste Gift Box is thoughtful, sustainable, and precious. For that extra sparkle, all Gift Boxes include Limited Edition ornaments. The perfect sustainable decoration. 100% recycled and handcrafted in Spain. Add an optional VanVeer Gift Card to surprise your loved one. With a gift that keeps on giving! 

Et voilá, the perfect gift that makes giving feel good.

There is a Gift Box for Everyone!

Limited Edition No Waste Ornaments

Every No Waste Gift Box includes a set of 3 Limited Edition Leather Ornaments. Conscious decoration made out of leather cut-offs from our studio. Since the ornaments are made out of leather cut-offs, it is not possible to select the colors for your Gift Box (but we’ll make sure that they fit well with your Gift Box). 

⭐ Handmade in Spain 
⭐ 100% recycled 
⭐ The sweestest decoration

Mr.Courtney Henry