Who Is Making My Doctor Bag?

Van Veer doctor bags don’t come rolling out of a factory. It’s quite the contrary! All Van Veer bags are handmade in my studio by Ana, Françoise and myself. It was 2009 when I started taking courses on leather bag design and manufacturing. And the moment I learned to craft a doctors bag I totally fell in love with it.

Van Veer has grown a lot since then and to keep up with the orders I was desperately looking for some assistance. Luckily I’ve found Ana and Françoise who now help me with sewing and production work on a daily basis.


Ana is from Spain and learned the trade when she was only 15 years old and started working in Shoe Factories. To be honest, there is nothing she can’t do and she is able to take my designs to a higher level. I call her ‘la maquina’, which means The Machine because that’s just what she is! Needless to say I am blessed having her around (although she does talk quite a lot ;).


Françoise is from Belgium but lives here in the South of Spain for over 10 years now. She got her training at the Van Veer Studio. Before that she already knew how to make just about everything in fabric and now she makes the most beautiful bags in leather as well! Françoise really loves making custom doctor bags and it shows. Together with Ana she always strives for the best quality.

We love making bags

I am so proud of our team! These ladies are very skilled and have such a high level that it’s a true pleasure to have them around. We just love making bags!