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Wave goodbye to design stress and time constraints. With VanVeer's Premium Pack, not only do you get a bespoke doctor's bag and a collection of our premium accessories, but also a dedicated design session with our expert designer, Vera.

Designing a doctor’s bag, is easier than you think!

4640 Ash Dr udefined Oakland, Massachusetts 92683 United States

"Exactly what you want when you're going to order your Van Veer! From beginning to end, the complete package. Great service and assistance in designing the bag. Vera helps you to stay true to yourself. All of this has ensured that I won't be lacking anything and will remain in love with my bag for a very long time."



Vera, the creative genius behind VanVeer, is your design partner in this journey. With a decade's worth of experience, she'll navigate you effortlessly through the design process, transforming what seems overwhelming into a fun inspirational experience. Say goodbye to design stress and FOMO, Vera is there for you!

All in One,
perfectly organized.

The Premium Pack is the most complete, all-inclusive VanVeer out there. It features all the essential compartments like the Laptop Compartment, 2 Side Pockets and Outer Zipper Pocket to name a few.

"Absolutely recommended. I deliberated for a long time about the size of the bag and the color choice. Vera is very skilled and helped me immensely during the private design session to design my dream bag."


"With our Premium Pack, everything you need is at your fingertips ✨

Enjoy a personal design session, a handmade bag designed to your tastes, matching accessories, a care kit, and more. It's like receiving a present - a beautifully wrapped package, packed with value. We create your Premium Pack just the way you want it. We mix your favorite colors with Vera's design experience and 'Voila' we have a Premium Pack that is 100% YOU. 

Petrol & Cognac

Navy Blue & Emerald Snake

Green Vintage, Hazel Distressed


All the VanVeer essentials with a total value up to €85

And the struggle begins...

1-on-1 Private Design Session with designer Vera to decide on every detail of your bag TOGETHER (€ 45)

VanVeer doctor’s bag ORIGINAL, MIDI or OFFICE BAG (€545-€570)

With all of our must-have compartments:
✔️ Laptop Compartment (€27)
✔️ Two Side Pockets (€15)
✔️ Outer Zipper Pocket (€20)
✔️ Pen Holders (€10)
✔️ Monogram with your name and/or initials (€12)

Extra comfy Wide Shoulder Strap (€34)

Zipper Pouch, our bestseller to keep you organized (€54)

Matching Card Holder for all your cards (€29)

Exquisite Keyholder (€19)

Leather Care Kit for some TLC (€29)

Doctor’s bag Style Guide and design FUN-sheet

+ 10% OFF on all extra compartments and/or accessories from the webshop 

4640 Ash Dr udefined Oakland, Massachusetts 92683 United States

3 Reasons to go premium...

Premium Design Experience
Prepare like a Pro
Essential Acessories
Care Set



Doctor's Bags Made




Years of Journey


Premium Pack

Just 3 Simple Steps...

Designing your unique bag is a walk in the park with the Premium Pack.
Follow these three easy steps and your VanVeer becomes reality in a blink of an eye >>>

How It Works:


Order the Premium Pack Today

It's that simple. After you've placed your order, check your email to start your design journey.


Book your
Private Design Session

Hop on a one-one call with Vera on the time and place that suits you best. Prepare your call with the Fun Sheet and Style Guide. 


Design your Dream Bag

Enjoy a stress-free, guided design experience with Vera. With her keen design eye and warm approach, she will guide you through the process, ensuring that your bag truly reflects your style and needs.


Wait, how much discount do I get when buying the Premium Pack?

Right now, you might be wondering how much you are actually saving when purchasing the Premium Pack, because you have noticed that our bag models have different prices. We already did the math for you! If you purchase a Premium Pack with the Midi (and all the extras), you get 7% off, for the Original and Office Bag the discount runs up to 9%. These percentages are not including the extra discount you’ll receive on other items from our shop (and the amount of time you gain on decision making, just saying!).

For whom is a VanVeer bag made?

Whether you’re a doctor, midwife, teacher, lawyer, or business boss… ⁠A VanVeer is made for everyone looking for a sustainable, timeless and elegant piece of art. Made by US, designed by YOU.

I’m a medical professional, is a VanVeer suitable for my job?

Yes, they are. Although VanVeer bags look like genuine eye candy handbags (which they are), thousands of midwives and doctors are using our bags as their day-to-day medical bag.

What is the lead time for a VanVeer bag?

Our lead time for a custom-made VanVeer is 6 weeks. We know that this can seem to be a little bit ‘long’ compared to the online ‘order today, receive tomorrow’ shopping nowadays. But please keep in mind we don’t run stock and that each VanVeer is handmade, uniquely for you. Good things take time, people!

Where is my bag made?

Each VanVeer is made in our own studio in the South of Spain. Our team consists of truly talented women from La Herradura and its surroundings with no prior skills in leathercraft. By providing training and jobs with fair wages, we can offer them this new skill to develop.

What is my guarantee?

Every bag comes with a 2 years warranty. Despite that our bags are made to last, it can happen that your bag shows a defect. If the defect is related to the production of the bag, our customer service is happy to get in touch with you regarding the return shipment of the bag. All repairs are done in our studio in Spain, unless we decide on another solution together. Whatever issue your bag is facing, we’ll make sure to fix it. A VanVeer won't let you down.